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The Isaacs - Waiting In The Water (Chord)
Submitter: jmcguitar (0) on 1/25/18
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Song: Waiting in the Water 
Artist: The Isaacs

Intro:  A G   A G

A 	  	  	  	  	 G 
A helpless man blind from birth, The only one who saw his worth
F# 	  	  	        G
Didnít pass him by, He heard his cry
He rubbed his eyes with  a handful of clay 
then He said ďGo wash in the pool todayĒ
F# 	  	  	           G
 And the blind man knew  Thatís what he had to do
G 	  	  	  	 D/F# 	  	 
You know along the way He couldnít help but trip and fall
Bm 	  	   A/C#               D  	           E       
Each time he got back up again  I wonder if he thought:

       A                 D
Every step I take is a step of faith
When I canít see whatís  in  front of me
E 	  	  	  	 A 	   	  	        D
Iíll walk on and just believe He hears my prayer and when I get there
Bm 	      A/C#             D                       A
The miracle promised by my father Is waiting in the water

Iíve walked in darkness, I wonít lie and 
Just like that blind man sometimes Iíve felt all alone,
Like all hope was gone
But I know that His word is true and no matter what Iím going through He promised me
That He would never leave
I know along the way I may stumble and I may fall
But Iíll make it, to the water, Even if I have to crawl


G 	  	  	  	   D 	  	 
I know He knows where I am and somehow this is in His plan
So until my healing comes
D 	  	     E 	 
Iíll keep pressing on

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