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Randy Travis - Running Blind (Chord)
Submitter: twizzle05 (114) on 3/4/06
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Running Blind
written by Roger Ferris
Album: "Passing Through"

INTRO: D  Dsus2  D  G  D  Dsus2  D  A7  D

At a quick shop somewhere west of Albuquerque
Got a tank of gas, a cold drink, and a beef jerky
    D                D/F#  G
The cashier she gave me a smile
     D                 A7             D
So I stood there and I talked to her awhile

    G                         D
She said "where you headed, I hope you get there soon
I've seen 'em all day long, from 4 a.m. to noon
D                               D/F#    G
Some are runnin' from, some are runnin' to
                 D            A7            D
Some are runnin' blind, Lord, which one are you"

       D                              G             D
Well I said "it don't appear to me to be so cut and dried
You don't know me from Adam, can it be so black and white"
   D                           G              D
I said "I got a plan you see I got it figured out
                                  A7           D
How can you be so sure my dear of what I'm all about"

          G                             D
She said "I've stood in this window for twenty-seven years
I can tell you cash or credit, I can tell your brand of beer
      D                                     D/F#     G
I can tell you who's liar, and the truth is plain to see
                 D               A7               D
That's your last twenty boy, and don't you lie to me"

           G                   D
"There's a girl in Albuquerque cryin' ain't there
           G                        A7
And you're standin' in a quick shop lyin', ain't ya...well?"

    D                                             G
She handed back my twenty, said "you know what to do
D                                               A7
If you drive it steady son you'll be home this afternoon
D                                        D/F#   G
And I hate to judge you, I don't mean to seem unkind
                          D                 A7           D
But there ain't no use in runnin' if you're only runnin' blind"

          G               D                 A7            D   
Nah there ain't no use in runnin' if you're only runnin' blind

OUTRO: D  A7  D 
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