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Randy Travis - Raise Him Up (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (440) on 12/26/04 1 comment
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Raise Him Up
By Randy travis
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

Capo 2

The names of the chords may not match but the fingering does:

A/C# - 042220 
Esus  022200
D/A -  XX0235 use pinky on 5

     A                      A/C#
When I first met his momma, she was just 19
A7                               G      D
Couldn't say for certain who the father was
Bm                                  Esus   E
But I have known him since he was a pup
              D         A    D  A
And I'm gonna raise him up
       A                          A/C#
If you never knew your daddy like I never knew mine
   A7                                G     D
It feels like everybody knows you're fatherless
     Bm                         Esus    E
This boy may not be blood of my blood
              D         A
But I'm gonna raise him up

        D                    D/A               A
I'll provide for him, walk beside of him, I am strong enough 
           D                   D/A               A
Cause it's time he knew what a son can do with a father's love
He can change the world

You have to look at joseph a couple thousand years ago
When he held a newborn baby he named jesus
He said he may not be blood of my blood 
Still I'm gonna raise him up


33 years later, when the son was in his grave
Broken and abandoned by a world he came to save
His real dad said he's mine blood of my blood
And I'm gonna raise him up


And he can change your world
But you gotta raise him up
Raise him up
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The chorus changes after each verse, it is not static. What are the chords for the last chorus?
-MRags | 5/9/2011
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