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Randy Travis - Pick Up The Oars And Row (Chord)
Submitter: twizzle05 (54) on 3/24/05 2 comments
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Pick Up the Oars and Row--Randy Travis
written by Jamie O'Hara
From the album "Four Walls"
Any corrections are certainly welcome.

     C                        C7
What good does it do to hold onto 
     F                 C
The anger deep in your heart
You're the only one that it's hurting
           D7                      G7
You're the one that it's tearing apart
    C                                   C7
I'm sorry that he broke your heart, girl 
     F              C
It's time to let it go
C                    F
Sometimes love is a river of tears
G7                      C
So pick up the oars and row

He shattered your expectations
He broke all his promises too
With his little white lies he looked in your eyes
And made you believe they were true
Ahh but this ain't the final curtain
Girl it's time to get on with the show
Sometimes love is a river of tears
So pick up the oars and row

F                          G7                   C
It's been far too long now since I've seen you smile
G                                          F                     C
Bitterness don't look good on you and self-pity just ain't your style
F                                       G                     C
Sooner or later you know you've got to play the cards you've drawn
G                                F                     C
It's all up to you, you can stay blue, or you can move on

Ain't it hard when you discover
Things aint' what you thought they would be
When all of your best laids plains
Hit the wall of reality
Still all and all it's a pretty good life
But it sure can be painful I know
Sometimes love is a river of tears
So pick up the oars and row

Sometimes love is a river of tears
So pick up the oars and row


C 	 x32010
C7 	 x32310
F 	 xx3211
G 	 320003
G7 	 320001 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
this is close but the second f chord just doesn't sound right can anybody help????
-GARYEMM | 1/16/2006
I changed it to a D7. I don't know if that's right, but sounding out the song in my head, it fits.
-twizzle05 | 1/16/2006
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