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Randy Travis - Make It Through (Chord)
Submitter: twizzle05 (100) on 2/20/05
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Make It Through--Randy Travis (featuring Linda Davis)
written by Tim Mensy and Skip Ewing

Note: whenever you see a D, it really means a random pattern of the following chords:
D, Dsus2, Dsus4, D/E, D/B, and D/F#, and the "sus" chords with those base notes.
Basically, it's a free-for-all (or at least, I play it like that) so have fun with it.

Capo I

(There's an annoying string intro)

Intro (once you get to the guitar): D  G  A  D

Well the sun beats down and the sand gets hot
Where I break my back haulin in this rock
G                                          D
For a man-made God I really don't believe in
But I shoulder the rope and I bear the strain
Wipe the salt from my eyes and ignore the pain
G                                                D
Though I know when I fall another will just come in

                   G-A  D
And when I feel my body goin down
                    G A-C D
And there's nothing I can do
            G    C   A    C  Dsus2-Dsus4
I know if I keep my faith in you
I'm gonna make it through

I'm a prisoner here in this hall of kings
I'm gold, I'm jewels, I'm a diamond ring
To be given as a token of God's affection
The law says I'm their property
But my heart and my soul belong to me
They can hold me but I'll never be in their possession


C           D
Through the doubt (through the doubt)
         C                    D
Give me strenght to lead them out (lead them out)
C                   G
Give them faith to follow me
A                    C     D
Guide us through the sea, oh

Help me God I'm a common man
With the lives of thousands in my hands
As I carry them into the land You promised


I know if I keep my faith in you
We're gonna make it through

Dsus2 	 xx0233
Dsus4 	 xx0230
D/E 	 xx2032
D/B 	 x20032
D/F# 	 2x0232 (use thumb)

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