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Randy Travis - 3 Wooden Crosses (complete) (Chord)
Submitter: ER (7) on 4/6/03 30 comments
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Three Wooden Crosses


Randy Travis

(Capo 1st Fret)

 Chords: C....X32010        Walk Down Chords: Em7...X20030
         Am...X02210                         Am7/G..3X2010
         F....133211                          F/E...033211
         Dm   XX0231

Verse 1:

Intro:   C   Em7   Am   Am7/G

C                     Em7   Am                    Am7/G
A farmer and a teacher,   a hooker and a preacher
F                        C             G 
ridin' on a midnight bus bound for Mexico
        C                  Em7       Am               Am7/G
One was headed for vacation, one for higher education
    F                G                  C
and two of them were searchin' for lost souls
     Dm                         G
That driver never ever saw the stop sign
    Dm                                Gsus   G
and eighteen-wheelers can't stop on a dime.


          C            Em7
There are three wooden crosses,
       Am                Am7/G
on the right side of the highway
F                             C           G
Why there's not four of them, Heaven only knows
            C              Em7 
I guess it's, not what you take 
         Am                Am7/G
when you leave this world behind you
     F                G                 C
It's what you leave behind you when you go

Verse 2:

C                         Em7   Am                    Am7/G
That farmer left a harvest,   a home and eighty acres
the faith and love for growin' things
C                 G
in his young sons heart
         C                      Em7
And that teacher left her wisdom
       Am                        Am7/G
in the minds of lots of children
F                       G            C
Did her best to give'em all a better start
And that preacher whispered,
"Can't you see that promised land?"
as he laid his bloodstained bible
       Gsus     G      
in that hookers hand


          C            Em7
There are three wooden crosses
       Am                Am7/G
on the right side of the highway
F                             C           G
Why there's not four of them, Heaven only knows
             C             Em7
I guess it's, not what you take 
         Am                Am7/G
when you leave this world behind you
     F                G                 C
it's what you leave behind you when you go


           Am             Am7/G              F
That's the story that our preacher told last Sunday,
as he held that bloodstained bible up
for all of us to see
        Am                Am7/G
He said, bless the farmer, and the teacher,
F                 F/E
and that preacher
    Dm                               Gsus       G  Gsus  G
Who gave this Bible to my Momma, Who read it to me


          C            Em7
There are three wooden crosses
       Am                Am7/G
on the right side of the highway
F                            C               G
why there's not four of them, now I guess we know
C                 Em7
It's not what you take, 
         Am                Am7/G
when you leave this world behind you,
     F                G                 C
It's what you leave behind you when you go

C                      Em7
There are three wooden crosses
       Am         Am7/G  C
on the right side of the highway
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Try a Dm7 in place of the Dm. Great job on a really great song. TC
-tclawson | 6/3/2003
Sorry, that don't work, have to stick with the Dm, sounds better! Thanks though!
-ER | 6/3/2003
all i have to say is AWESOME JOB

-simpdogg69 | 6/12/2003
This is totally perfect. Awesome Job man.
-countrykento | 6/14/2003
I was wondering if you could tab this song out
-HARDT0303 | 6/17/2003
Sorry, don't know the 1st thing about tabbing, wouldn't know where to begin !
-ER | 6/18/2003
This is great.
Thank you.
-countryjoshmac | 6/21/2003
Great job on these chords they sound great i just wish i could find some tabs for it
-silverwings | 6/26/2003
Great job on a great song. I was so glad to come here and find such
an excellent interpretation of the song! I know hte strum pattern but
I wouldn't know how to tell it to anyone ! I could record a clip but
that's the best I could do! Great Job!
-chaleefannat | 6/28/2003
You did a great job on the tab.
-taylor1 | 8/1/2003
can anyone post the picking pattern????

-rodthegr8 | 8/5/2003
Heard this the other day for the first time in the pick up.
near blew me away..great number and the tabs just perfect!
-WayneXG95 | 10/17/2003
Gr8 job on tis song it's very very accurate keep it up man!
-joeyc | 12/5/2003
Fantastic job!!!
-heyitskane | 4/5/2004
anyone have tab for raise him up
-arc00177040 | 6/5/2004
Great job on the tab.
-boerneguy | 7/6/2004
Yup. Fantastic Job, now if anyone could tab "turn the radio on" from R.T's new album.....
-Flashgore | 7/13/2004
Just new to this site getting back into the playing guitar again, and really loving it and this tab version If i can say is An excellent job!! I can see why this is one of the best sites around!!
-Starting_Again | 8/11/2004
sweet job, thanks!!!
-nicktray | 11/11/2004
can someone post the picking pattern?

-flavaflav | 2/5/2005
i was just wonderin if someone could post the picking pattern that would be a lot of help thanx and great job!
-marylynnlaraker | 4/6/2005
ok your Em7 and your Am7/G doesn't need to be there and on the tag the Am7/G should just be a G it works good like that trust me
-314 | 4/28/2005
I think you better listen to it again !
-ER | 4/29/2005
Damn it! i need some help, i dont understand how to play it doesnt say wut fret and wtf does am mean? and x036731 and all that? can someone help me please!
-NathanPazenski | 5/10/2005
Nathan, sounds like patience isn't a virtue for you !, Calm down!,
"am" is an "A minor" chord, and as far what fret, there is a capo on the 1st fret, so basically, you're playing on the second fret., but play it as if there were no capo. "X32010" is the position of the strings and the frets you put your fingers on, for example:
X... Top string (sixth string), is dead,
don't play that string
3... 5th string, 3rd fret
2... 4th string, 2nd fret
0... 3rd string, play open, no fret
1... 2nd string, 1st fret
0... 1st string, play open, no fret
This is a "C" chord, hope this all makes sense to you !
-ER | 5/15/2005
If you have a question about what the chords look like, just direct your pointer to hover on the chord and a box will pop up that shows you how to fret it.
Fantastic song!
-coffeesucker | 8/5/2005
Wow thats great i love this song and i never could figure it out great job!
-AaronMcDowell14 | 8/7/2005
awsome job now you should correct george strait's [i cross my heart] but a fantastic way to play by ear.keep it father was telling me to try this song last night and I am glad to know someone loves music enough tomake sure it is right and tested.
-babyboy1984 | 9/27/2005
Hey-That's the best interpretation I've Seen yet-Excellent Job
-oklahome | 10/25/2005
There is very little country music I can tolerate. I planning using this tune to teach my self to sing better. There's that weird Randy drawl sometimes in his singing so I can't do any worse right because he's the one who's initiated the goofing around. Thanks for the transcr i ption.
-Yuck4321 | 8/7/2015
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