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Mark Lowry - For I'm Persuaded To Believe (Chord)
Submitter: jmcguitar (0) on 6/20/18
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Song: For I'm Persuaded To Believe
Artist: Mark Lowry
Album: Red Rocks Homecoming
Words and Music: Unknown  

Well, while down here you travel
     A7 	  	  	       D 	  	  	  A
You may never have a lot of silver and a lot of gold
     A                       F#m
Trouble overtake you, Your friends, they may forsake you
     B 	  	  	      E
And leave you here to weep alone
       A 	  	    A7 	  	  	 A  	   	    D
But we call on Jesus, We know that He sees us, In our every trying hour,
 	    D 	  	        A             F#m
From the windows up above, He sends down His love
       B                 E         A
And He keeps us with His Heavenly power

Oh I'm persuaded to believe
         A7 	  	  	      D 	             A
Nothing could separate us from the wonderful love of God
    A 	  	  	     	  F#m
For above He will send us If we let Him live within us
      B7 	                  E
While in this sinful world we trod
        A 	  	  	 A7
Neither height nor depth, Nor principalities,
       D 	  	       A
Things present nor things to come
D                                   A 	     F#m 
Though the devil hates us  he could never separate us
         B 	     E       A
from the wonderful love of God
verse 2:
 	 A 	  	     A7
Now don't you be a doubter Come on and be a shouter
D 	  	  	    A
Take hold of the Master's hand
      A 	  	  	  	   F#m
Because His love is wider and is higher than the sky
     B               E
or anything made by man
                A                        A7
And though trouble may depress you  His love will caress you
Throw your heavy burdens all away
       D 	  	  	     	     A 	  	       F#m
With loving arms He will strengthen ,Long suffering He will lengthen
         B 	           E 	     A
Now, to keep you till the judgment day

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