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Kutless - Strong Tower (Chord)
Album: Strong Tower (2005)
Submitter: kowboykelvin (0) on 8/13/05 1 comment
Month Views: 22 | Total Views: 10,093
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Strong Tower Ė Kutless
What a great song!

Verse 1:
Bsus2 	  Asus2 	  	    C#m 	  	  	          Bsus2
When I wander through the desert, and Iím longing for my home
 	 Asus2 	  	   C#m 	 
All my dreams have gone astray, 
Bsus2 	    Asus2 	   C#m 	  	  	  	 Bsus2
When Iím stranded in the valley, and Iím tired and all alone
 	   Asus2 	  	     C#m
It seems like Iíve lost my way

F#m 	  	  	  Asus2 F#m 	  	  	  Asus2
I go running to your mountain, where your mercy sets me free

 	  	     E                C#m
You are my strong tower, shelter over me
Beautiful and mighty, everlasting king
 	            E 	  	  	     C#m 	  	 
You are my strong tower, fortress when Iím weak
 	  	 Asus2 	  	     Bsus2    C#m    Asus2
Your name is true and holy, and your face is all I seek

Verse 2:
Bsus2 	 Asus2   	  	 C#m 	  	  	      Bsus2
In the middle of my darkness, in the midst of all my fear
 	   Asus2 	  	 C#m
Youíre my refuge and my hope
Bsus2 	   Asus2             C#m 	  	                   Bsus2
When the storm of life is raging, and the thunderís all I hear
 	    Asus2 	 C#m
You speak softly to my soul
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I'm glad i finally found this song...thanks for tabbing it...
-georgew | 1/6/2006
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