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Kutless - More Than It Seems (Chord)
Submitter: ramenfood (0) on 4/22/06
Month Views: 12 | Total Views: 2,937
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Capo 2
Verse 1
C#m       A     E        B 
Is my imagination running away
      C#m          A         E          B
Or is all this really happening to me
C#m     A      E       B             A(F#m)     C#m
Am I a prince in a far away land filled with fantasy
A         E       B        C#m    A        E        B           C#m
Where is reality and what are the actions that will define who I am?
                       A      E         B        A
I am holding onto the visions I've seen of what I could be
         A/F#           C#m
It's what I should be

A          B          A 
More than it seems these dreams inside (show me the way to these dreams) 
          E    B                                 C#m
Blur reality's line ('til there's nothing that's left of me) 
   A       B       A
If I could believe the dreams aside (show me the way to these dreams) 
     E     B          C#m    
I am capable more than it seems
Verse 2
C#m           A       E        B
Passing through darkness into my own world
          C#m     A        E           B
Will I be more than when I left (than when I left) 
C#m        A       E      B
Never letting go of the lessons I learned
This will make a change
A change within me 

Chorus (1x)

A         E       B    C#m
This time I won't run away
  A                E           B    C#m
I found the strength to face life's long days
A         E        B   D
This time I won't run away 
Til there's nothing left of me
Show me the way to these dreams
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